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January 2017 - Child Safe Standards
The Vic Govt introduced Child Safe Standards to improve the way organisations that provide services to children prevent & respond to child abuse that may occur within their organisation.

Aims of the compulsory Child Safe Standards:
- to create and maintain child safe environments for organisations providing services to children.
- drive cultural change, promote the safety of children & prevent, detect, report & respond to child abuse in organisations

In response to the new standards, our "Statement of Commitment" can be viewed on the front page of our website.

We also include a copy of our "Statement of Commitment" & signed "Code of Conduct" in our Talent Information Manual which is provided at the interview.

Please direct any queries to our "Child Safety Officer", Managing Director, Mardi Holton
Further information can also be found at
- www.dhs.vic.gov.au
- childsafestandards@dhhs.vic.gov.au
- 1300 650 172
July 2016 - Change of Enrolment Package
In order to cater for a changing landscape (primarily driven by social media & smartphones) whereby the majority of applicants now come to us with their own professional or other high quality images, we are no longer including professional photography as part of our enrolment fee.

From 1st July 2016, our annual representation fee has REDUCED to $399 (incl. GST) per talent. We continue to offer the option to pay the annual fee via 10 weekly instalments.

Talent have the following options regarding providing their own photos under the new structure:
- provide us with digital copies of professional or other high quality photos you already have
- provide us with photos from home (we provide guidelines & advice)
- independently arrange for a professional shoot (we are happy to provide recommendations)
- any combination of the above
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