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Photographic Rates

Standard rate is $110 per hour but will be quoted at the time of the booking. Underwear @ double time and Sleepwear/Swimwear – time and a half.

Minimum Bookings

1 Hour minimum - (second hour will be charged after 1 Hour 15 Minutes).


– half hourly rate

Time Loadings

- Time and a half applies before 8:30am and after 5:30pm weekdays and all day Saturday. Double time on Sunday and public holidays

Travelling Time

- Model's hourly rate will be charged when travel exceeds 20 km outside the GPO.

Screentests & Wardrobe

- Negotiated at time of booking.

TV Commercials

- TV commercials and TV commercial stills are to be negotiated at time of brief or booking. A contract must be completed by the client and talent prior to the commencement of booking. (Except for non-featured extras).

Voice Overs

– Actor Equity rates apply (no half fee)

Cancellations & Holdings

- 24 hours notice must be given. Holds on all models should be confirmed minimum of one working day prior to booking.

Weather checks

- First Cancellation - No Fee, 2nd Cancellation – ½ fee. Any further cancellation - Full Fee.


will apply for any usage not negotiated at time of booking. I.e Posters, Billboards, Outdoor signage, Metrolites, packaging, point of sale and internet

Parades & Showings

- Negotiated at time of booking.


- All photographs may only be used for the purpose in which they were intended at time of booking. Further usage will incur a loading.

Child Welfare Permits & Police Checks

- Industrial relations require that every child (under 15) employed must have a valid permit signed by a parent/ guardian as well as the working principal of the school the child attends. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain a police check and apply to employ any children under 15. Any further information needed please refer - http://www.irv.vic.gov.au/

Agency - 10% Agency Fee applies on all Invoices.

Terms - STRICTLY 14 DAYS. *Please note that the agency acts solely for and on behalf of the models and whilst endeavouring to provide professional service to clients, Bayside cannot be held responsible for any failure on the part of the children on assignments.
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